The Luminous Arts Podcast

Timo Lejeune, Luminous Podcast Episode 010

May 5, 2020

Well, that was an excellent conversation.  I just finished a long episode of the Luminous Arts with Timo Lejeune, a light artist based in the Netherlands.  His group, Lumus Instruments, combines light and music in integrated performances using a custom software stack that he’s creating.  One part sculptural lighting artists, one part music producers, he’s creating really unique installations that synchronize the lighting and the music by creating both from the same software.  The main outlet for his work is the art festival scene in Europe and we have a great time talking about our experiences with festival culture and how light art is represented in that world, and the various ways to make your way as a light artist.  Timo is a super cool guy and I’m looking forward to hanging out in person!  Hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I enjoyed recording it and reach out to him if you like his work (Links are below).


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