The Luminous Arts Podcast

Keith Anderson, Luminous Podcast Episode 008

February 12, 2020

Keith and I met for the first time during my trip to Vegas this year for the LDI Conference.  I learned about his work as a VJ in the festival scene years ago and at Burning Man this year he started dating one of my installation techs!  When they both moved to Vegas together so that Keith could take a job-creating custom visuals for Melt Creative, I knew I most likely had a place to crash during LDI (and a new podcast episode!)

We start the conversation out with some details about where Keith’s journey as a concert visualist began and we wind our way through various topics like how the VJing scene has changed and evolved over time, what it’s like working as a full-time festival VJ, and where he sees things going in the future.

This was a great conversation and I’m stoked that Keith and I finally got to sit down and talk!


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