The Luminous Arts Podcast

Bob Bonniol, Luminous Podcast Episode 015

November 10, 2020

Welcome back, everybody!  This episode is with Bob Bonniol, the founder of Mode Studios in Seattle, and a longtime inspiration to me.  He’s a legend in the live show production industry, being at the forefront of new media technologies as they made their way onto the stage.  Coming up in the Theatrical world, he was an early adopter of projection mapping and the use of complex control systems to achieve new effects that pushed the envelope on Broadway and later in the concert touring world.


Our conversation was a short one but a fun one.  I’ve been waiting a while to have a chance to talk with Bob and it was fun to just sit back and see where things went.  Evidently, we’re both big fans of futurists because that’s exactly where this conversation ended up!  I’ll let you listen and we’ll get right into it.  Hope you enjoy!


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